About Us

About Our Project

We are a BASE Hong Kong startup, currently planning to move to Kowloon City. The team all have more than 5 years of development experience in the ai domain, and some of the team members have experience working at OpenAI and Midjourney, so we have rich expertise from training models to inference models to support our development of the AIPTP.com project.

What is AIPTP trying to do?

The goal of AIPTP is to build a decentralized blockchain-based AI network. We believe in the spirit of Bitcoin, so we decided to build a dual L2 network for Bitcoin. Where: Bitcoin L2 (tentatively AIS) with POS mechanism supports AIPTP's training model; Bitcoin L2 (tentatively AIW) with PoW mechanism supports AIPTP's inference model.

$Bitcoin & $ATMT can cross-chain circulation between the three chains, where $ATMT adopts the burn+mint cross-chain circulation method, and $Bitcoin adopts the pledge A chain and release it in B chain for cross-chain swap.

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